Introduction to Off Road Adventure - ORAD

ORAD comprises of members who have been touring Pakistan for the last 25 years; from the Khunjerab Pass in the north to the Cholistan desert to Jiveny, the southern-most tip of the map and every remote place in between.
If the term members sounds too formal, consider ORAD as a group of like-minded friends; although some like to race in the desert, and some like to tour on motorcycles, ALL like to take 4X4 trips to the remotest areas of Pakistan with a common love of nature, self-sufficient camping and, of course, off roading (sometimes extreme).
Summer trips are mainly to the Northern Areas, such as Gilgit, Skardu and beyond, crossing passes like Shandur, Babusar, Batogah and Deosai. If you think the Karakoram Highway is a favorite, you would be correct. We go off the tarmac to places with exotic names like Rama, Rattu, Tirshing, Shimshal, Chapursan and Misgar.
In winter, we head south to the Cholistan desert, Thal, Thar and Gwadar. In between all these tours, some of us manage a motorcycle trip now and then; others take out time to race, of which there are at least 3 major organized events every year in Cholistan (March), Gwadar (August) and Jhal Magsi (Nov/Dec). Since the ORAD web site is fairly new, you will find continual additions in the Photo Gallery of trips past and future. If you find the web site slightly amateurish, bear with us; we’re working on constant improvement. Please visit us often and give us feed back so we can upgrade the site keeping you updated on latest & upcoming events.